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Nebulizer machine not working proprrly

1 answer
Larry Taylor
In order to get your nebulizer machine repaired, you should:
  • go to
  • click My Easycare
  • choose Claim Procedures
  • find your coverage on the list they offer and follow easy steps.

You may also contact Easycare customer support by phone at 800-538-4181.

Extended Contract cancellation dated 08/17/17. #EST 1K00F25

by user78449012

Hi - Robert Montejano of Escondido Hyundai, Finance Department, has been handling the cancellation of my extended warranty contract. The contract #EST: 1K00F25.

I no longer own the car covered. Have you received what you need to refund my $1225.00 ??? I started this process on August 17th. I am well within the 60 day window.

What is happening with my refund ?

Robert Montejano's email address is: if you need to *** with him. Thank you - Dixie

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