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    • Gentleman i spoke to was polite 1
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    • Do not honor extended warranty 3
    • Refused to provide coverage for needed repairs 2
    • Would not give me a name for my attorney to reach 1
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  • From mobile
  • Aug 11
  • #898891

Bought a 09 Yukon. The dealership found leaking. They said it was "seeping" not leaking and they want me to wait until it's dripping. They're hoping it won't happen before the warranty runs out. Paid cash for the warranty and they won't fix it. What's the difference between seeping and leaking? No difference.

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Easy-care stated to the technician that the repair was covered. The technician started the repairs. 30 minutes later the technician was told to stop at an inspection needed to be done and to leave the car on the business rack until the car could be inspected which meant the company would lose a lot of business. The cost of the repair was $78. Easy-care wanted to rent me a car but I had to be the one to contact the car rental company give them... Read more

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I spoke with dealer where I had my car accessed for repair they contacted Easy Care for Authorization and it was of course not covered. This repair was directly related to the drive train. I spoke with a Easy Care Rep and she states that only certain components were covered. This is crock after paying $1600 for this warranty it is useless. Now I am faced with paying a $1000 in repairs. I want to find a way to cancel this policy . Beware this... Read more

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Yes, I had the same problem. I have a Cadillac srx 2011.. when we first got the Cadillac, it had a thumping noise in the accelerator pedal. We bought the car in 2015 because my husband didn't want me to be stranded while he is on the road as I am a registered nurse student in Louisiana. The dealership rotated my front tires to the back instead of fixing the problem. Then my ignition coil was going bad which they did not want to warranty. , now... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 30
  • #891454

Horrible company to deal with bought a tire warranty and they refused to cover anything. The tires had bulges and leaking and was told an inspector will have to come out in a couple of days um that doesn't work I need my car. Don't buy!!

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Terrible company!   If your dealer wants to sell you EasyCare run the other way!  We had two experiences over four years, both absolute nightmares.   In both cases they paid a tiny percentage of actual charges, refused to provide the "book" upon which coverage decisions were allegedly based, tried to blame the repair facilities, and the adjuster, or whomever was making coverage decisions refused to communicate with us, the so called "customer".... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 16
  • #883575

Was told that I had the best warranty yet that refuse to honor the warranty. Never again! This company is a rip off. Don't trust this company. They will give you towing but find every reason not to honor the contract.

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 08
  • #878975

Representative named Mercedes was rude and had the audacity to call from a "restricted" number and play on my phone after I told her I did not want the service they provided.

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Now on day 8 waiting to find out if warrant will cover tensioner when "inspector gadget" came out wants mechanic to find out why it failed.. wants mechanic to remove part and show him why it failed and maybe then will get approved... mechanic told him he is not an engineer..for a total parts and labor that costs 425 to repair.. but when I called easy care to check on if it will be covered it was denied because adjuster could not hear the loud... Read more

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waste of money..... would have rather spent the 2500 i spent for this piece of *** and saved it for future repairs. Not to mention they charge a 250 deductible for the plan i have. Again waste of money. Dont even get me started with the dealership. Cant take the care there because if the repair isnt covered under the warranty they charge a fee for looking at the car...... so all in all more money being spent. Lesson learned. Read more

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